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After a week of immense volatility, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets witnessed stability over the last few days. The overall market cap of crypto assets stayed above the important level of $2.5 trillion on Thursday. Digital assets like Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) held onto most of their weekly gains. In the last

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced on Thursday that it charged a man for defrauding more than $7 million from hundreds of investors through two separate fraudulent digital asset securities offerings. According to a civil complaint filed against Ivars Auzins in the US District Court for The Eastern District Of New York, the

Ethereum’s popularity among wealth management firms is rising. The world’s second most valuable digital asset has become an integral part of global institutional investment portfolios. Keeping the rising demand in mind, Flourish recently announced its support for direct Ethereum investing through Flourish Crypto, which is a prominent cryptocurrency investment solution developed for registered investment advisers

Taking a look in my crystal ball, I would hazard to speculate that NFTs are here to stay. They will be an integral part of Web3 and the overall movement towards online decentralization. In the future, they will still be used for art and design, but will also enable the ownership of other kinds of

Vietnamese police have busted a massive illegal online gambling ring in the country that was accepting cryptocurrencies to make transactions, leading to 59 people being detained. As reported by state-owned broadcaster VTV, it was the biggest gambling ring busted in the country involving around $3.8 billion which included the money put in by the gamblers,

The crypto market cap remained steady in the last few days as BTC held the price level of $56,000. However, Ethereum stayed above $4,500. According to the latest data released by Grayscale, one of the world’s largest crypto asset management firms, the total value of the company’s digital AUM reached $52.8 billion yesterday. Grayscale has

Bitcoin’s steady price movements between $55k and $60k have increased its on-chain activity. While the digital asset is currently in a consolidation phase, a large portion of the overall BTC supply has started moving between the mentioned price range. Glassnode’s latest data indicates that more than 2.2 million coins last moved between $55,000 and $60,000.

HIVE Blockchain Technologies today published its production figures for November 2021. The crypto mining firm produced 218 BTC in the last month. HIVE also generated Bitcoin mining revenues worth $13.2 million in the recent period. HIVE highlighted its Bitcoin mining capacity in the latest announcement. With a BTC mining capacity of 1.31 ExaHash, HIVE is