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Launching projects on a blockchain may not be an easy task, considering that there are different blockchains, and it may be difficult to ascertain which one would be perfect for your project. It may interest you to know that different blockchains have their unique features that distinguish them from each other, and at the moment, DeFi is slowly but surely becoming one of the most lucrative ventures in the crypto space. And Skyrim Finance did not lag in this new technological advancement. Skyrim Finance is now introducing a finance protocol that’s set to change the crypto world for good. So, what is Skyrim Finance? Or better yet, what are

Blockchain is a versatile technology with a plethora of use cases, and it is amazing to see several blockchain-based solutions popping up across different industries and sectors. Interestingly, blockchain and cryptocurrency are causing disruptions at different levels, and they are not limited to banking and finance alone. In recent times, there has been an increased

Since the advent of blockchain and cryptocurrency, we have seen different blockchain-based innovations kick off, each with different solutions that cut across various industries and sectors. It is important to note that so many of these projects had to be crowdfunded for them to come to fruition. Crowdfunding has been a major source of funding

StarTerra was created with the intention to bring an upgrade to the standards used for the functionalities of IDO launchpads. As a platform backed by a team of experts, they have continued to bring interesting innovations to the platform, and are raising the bar high for projects to also deliver nothing but the best. One

Gamestarter is a crowdfunding platform based on blockchain technology. The focus is to raise funds for the most perspective upcoming games. Recently incubated by DAO Maker, Gamestarter was launched a month ago and there are already 3 games on the horizon that are going to be launched soon. In this series of articles, we are

In the second article of Gamestarter Gems series we are going to talk about the second project on the pipeline. Pixel Pix is a first play2earn game in its kind, where users can create own NFTs from a pixel. Enjoy! The advent of blockchain technology paved the way for the creation of a plethora of

Project Seed is a gaming ecosystem that functions with multi-chain capabilities; these capabilities include the DAO, Game, Growth Program, E-sport, and GameFi. Basically, Project Seed intends to pave the way for the blockchain technology to become a widely used innovation, and it hopes to achieve that by creating an immersive gaming experience for players, such